Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Mama's desk- Letter to an Unborn Daughter

To my dearest Daughter,

Last night was the happiest moment in my life. You know why? Your dad and I chose to see the doctor for Sonogram report. The beatings of my heart has not stopped a bit since than. As the lights dimmed and a bright funnel of ray emitted on the glass tube, I could see you. Yes, my princess! I could see those tiny legs of your moving. The feelings of your soft hands warming my belly. I cannot express it. I could only say your dad's hands were locked into mine.

My dear, I am waiting for the day, when you will walk into our threshold. This waiting has been a sweethoo for me since the time I met your dad. When the expectant mother braces the news that she is going to deliver a child soon, the joy went leaps and bounds as the d-day progresses. This just went a step further when we saw you in the tube yesterday.

Let me tell you about how your dad and I met. You would anyway ask me at future course of your life. We met each other in Orkut. It is a kind of a social networking community in the world of internet. For the time being, it is OK for you to know only about Orkut. We scraped and than conversed over the phone. Your dad has always been scared of me. He says that I have got large eyes.

Anyway, he came to see your granny and grandad and asked them for my hands. At first, they rejected overight and turned him down. But than, he did not give up. And, after much of the cooing and all the stuffs and my stand for him, our parents agreed. Today, they are proud to have your dad as in-laws. Btw..don't tell dad about it. I know you are going to be his pet. But stil. it's your mommy speaking.

I never expected to be like this. You know during my college days, I was like this hard crack pyscho. I used to love pulling each one's legs ,and used to get really annoyed when somebody pulled mine. And so to watch an expectant smile from me on your birth is more than friends to pull my legs. Last evening I received a call from a friend in Singapore, and he could not stop pulling my legs.

My dear, I chose to bring you in this world and usher you with happiness. I hope that when you walk take those small tiny steps in our threshold it would scatter more happiness in our lives. How I wish! I had conceived you on the onset of Diwali. Your dad has already started constructing a new room for you and will be filled with the toys .

Oh by the way, you need to stop those multi-kicks at night. It is so bad on your part. These kicks hurt added to the squeals you make. I can also sense the dreaded smile on your lips and the continuous grins that make echoes and beats faster. I have suddenly developed an urgeness to eat lot and some people say half of the food is eaten for you. How! i remember this

And you come into my life. Inspite of the pains that I am facing now, its the sweetness of your life that makes me happy. The fact that there is a new born baby growing within me is a joy that cannot be told. I am waiting for the day when you will see this world with your beautiful starry eyes. I am sure you too looking to be embraced by your mother.

When you grow up to read this letter probably you will think your mother was crazy. But trust me, when a girl gifts a mother to her child, she is no longer a girl. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman, and I cannot express that happiness to you in words.


nafisa said...

Deep thoughts with such beautiful eyes. hhmm you are really different from most of the other guys. Way to go :)

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nitasha said...

Its the most beautiful thing i have read so far....Mybe this is the reason evrybdy says a child is the most beautiful thing u can create and experience...u breath life into somethng which becomes ur dream....