Monday, June 15, 2009

Every Woman Needs 3 Man

A friend of mine once said, "every woman needs 3 men-one for adventure and fun, one for stimulating conversation and one for Good sex." Peter was all three. It was good to be true though.

Peter's love for adventure took him to the isles of Macau. That was 5 years back.Relationships cannot be tied to a rope and let it hung there for all along.

Carol's tryst to make a relationship work often made things difficult for it to sustain. She wanted every relationship to be similar experience as with Peter. In and out she knew it was impossible but she kept on trying.

Sometimes during the initial conversation with a stranger, she felt that this guy was caring in his talks; at best when they kissed she found him to be extremely affectionate, in their moments of ecstasy he seem to know where to go slow and when to be fast.

But, in the morning, when she woke up and found herself with a stranger, she didn't know why, but a lot of questions used to pop-up in her mind- Had this stranger been unfaithful to her? Had she enjoyed the love-making with this stranger? The oblivion answer to that question lies in her closed door 2 hours shower.

Sinked in the bathtub, carol is motionless. She has cried a lot so much that the tears in her face seem to have dried away. Her passionate romance with Peter seems to be an obstacle today to move on with her life. How she had longed for the time.

Unlike Peter, sex is always a physical game for most men. During Carol' survey of wild sex she encountered ninety four percent of men seeking sex in the animated form. For them sex need not prescribe to the notion of being loved. Yes love is a part of it, not the heart of it. Sex was always a beast-like affair. One that involved huge fight-like encounter, with both partners wanting for more.

This is so because for them, sex is only sex and nothing more. Its more like a pornographic movie, the more the better.

At times Carol finds herself amiss. She thinks that too much of thinking towards sex has made her a real pervert. Men perceive her to be an instrument of joy. Has her logic of 3 man in life portrayed a degree of 'lustiness' ? Carol does not know where to look for the answers.


Ameena said...

Once again, a very interesting outline..u seem to be a mastering in portraying woman..great style of writing. Keep it up!

Nusrat said...

Very cleverly portrayed. Itz arduous to pen down unless you have been through it. Nevertheless u have concealed your experiences gracefully.