Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse

I am not a good writer, so apologies for any mistake. I wonder if anyone of you have been in love, but if you do, then maybe you can read the following lines.

A day that was never to be seen
A week never remembered
A second that passed without notice
A life broken into two
Love actually lived there

The porous body evoking emotions
Color conversion to dark
Eyes that only saw you
The lips always praising you
Love actually lived there

Words that never touched her heart
Roads that led to her house
Flowers that never lost their moisture
Her golden skin that never lost the shine
Love actually lived there

The Orkut scraps with her name
The muscut perfume bearing her fame
The fear of losing you
Love actually lived there

Morning prayers for her long life
Places meant to be together
Intertwined destiny
A reason to live
Love actually lived there

1 comment:

Ameena said...

Wow! this is killing. Who is this lucky girl? Man! being a girl I can say that you know how to sweep a girl out of her feet. God bless!