Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rape Continues....

It happened yesterday, it happened today and it will happen tomorrow. On the records, it happened before I came to this world. R.A.P.E- four-letter deadly venom keeps on scattering its poison with each second, and every time it happens, MAN looks immensely coward and shameful bastards. What are we MAN upto?

Are not we a civilized enough to display our bravery in a war zone rather than forcing a weak girl, or a woman for a forceful sex? I am not going to say against Shiney Ahuja, the latest Bollywood actor to hit the scandalous world of shame, but to ask a simple question- When it will stop.

A friend of mine once said, “Man can never allow or view a woman to be superior to him in any ranks. His ego hurts. “I never understood this until and unless I had my first break-up.

When my ex-gf got a job as a fashion designer, she came to my home, cooked lunch for me and after we made love, she started speaking about her salary. Interestingly, I felt a little remorse. I am a simple writer and in those days, I earned enough to keep myself happy. Therefore, I was little jealous of her.

Also, her routine allowed her to meet a lot of male counterparts, which after sometime became objectionable to me. I started questioning her more and things became such that I could not trust her more.

I think it is because of my immature behavior and male-ego that this relationship failed. What! I was doing was also raping her soul more and more. It necessarily need not be physical but even mistrust can begot rape.

Shiney confessed that he had consensual sex with the victim, but he was surprised that she had filed a case against her. I am surprised with the media. Any celebrity performing any actions becomes a news breaker item to them. They cajole it in every channel and brand him as a victim. My question is why don’t you do it for every other woman who has been raped?

Just because the accused is a celebrity, it necessarily does not account to such double-standards? Yes, we are witnessing double standards. And this is projected by only the people who self-proclaim to be the eyes of the common people. But! These folks are also masala driven.

Any news channel spends half-of the time talking about Aishawary and Abhishek’s sneezing than describing the potholes in Bangalore. Why? Because it sells!.. Then call yourself an entertainment channel rather a news channel.

I am fuming with anger, but I cannot do anything. Just like another random guy speaking and criticizing about atrocities in the society, my actions will be limited to.

I hope we see our government rising up and the courts passing a decree that the rapists irrespective of rich or poor, famous or just another guy face the same consequences. After all Justice delayed is justice denied. I can only hope. My commiseration to that poor girl; I can only hope that she gets the justice.

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nikerockin said...

my dear dude, in other words bro, MAN is head of everythin. of course that was part of Gods creation... until sin came into this world man entered into satans weapon "RAPE" which not only kills humans physically also spiritually too. as men we were boastin abt high position, salary... that is purely earthly...however when it comes to women(also earns high position,salry), being ignored constantly by SOCIETY which is truly sad part to look. we r equal in Gods Eyes, dust to dust.... its a fact as man we're jealous wz women earning twice the salry.. but thats not the case our ego shld be surrendered n confessed, as money KILLS one's own soul.
when a man gets jealous n to compete needs powerful weapon called RAPE to destroy the opp sex... thats truly a MURDER.... no comparison... its the aftermath, period.
therefore rapist shld b given death sentence. as u rape the other person physically your SOUL has committed "murder"
which makes satan happy.
the reward he gets frm SATAN is "ETERNAL HELL"