Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Tale of Hrithik' Kites

One question, Mr. Rakesh Roshan, "how many times have you watched Mexican movies that made you certain of a superhit in Bollywood?" I am sure there have been plenty but please do not tell me that out of the numerous flicks that you have copied right from Khoon Bari Maang to Kites, there has been anything original about it. 

Watching Kites made me realised that Bollywood simply cannot come out of its commercial aspect. And, even the best of directors or wanna be ones feel direction under a huge banner is a great thing, think twice. If Anurag Basu feels Kites has done justice to his career, I think he needs to go back to what he does better. Kites is a super boring, faltu and nonsense flick.

Hrithik is our Antonio Banderas who falls for Salma Hayek in Barbara Maori. Then after they have lip locked quite a few times, they discover marriage could be a nice plan. When marriage does not work, then death beckons. To start with the story has been dealt so many times earlier that it miserably impressed me. The dialogues are out of blue, plain and sub-standard. The movie keeps on going back and front as if Quentino Tarantino' aatma has got inside Anurag. 

Fair enough, Hrithik has got an awesome figure and he lets the teenyboppers whistle with his dance. The only saving grace of the movie is music. KK lends his voice in Dil Kyun mera shor kare and Zindagi do paal ke, and I must say he stands in contention for most of the awards this year.

I watch movies for entertainment but I do not want to be entertained by Rakesh Roshan over and over again with old formula. And, yes if you shoot a movie in Mexico and you have subtitles running throughout the movie, you stand a chance of missing the target audience. Hope luck prevails and Hrithik puts on a good performance else it will be just brawns only. 

As for Barbara, Rakesh Roshan could have got Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruze for this movie. Trust me! they would have been more sensuous for she was only there for the oomp appeal. Do not watch Kites unless you are blackmailed.

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