Saturday, May 22, 2010

What' s Wrong in being a Gay!

It is a historical day in the land of Vatsyan. Homosexuality or Gayism has been tagged off from the brand of ‘achutness’ and 'criminal offences’. Long parades of demonstrations and celebrations of juvenility have been exhibited by the homosexuals in the various parts of India.

Bollywood stars have come in full support with actors like Celina Jaitley standing arms in arms with gays, pictures being displayed in the front covers of all the leading newspapers and magazines.

As the Indian media contingent continues to publicize and broadcast this news everywhere, I found myself with four of my colleagues debating on this issue. One of them started with a scrumptiously disgust look in his face,“now, we will see man-man having sex, it is cheap and so ridiculous.“ This debate continued for a while.

My take is and you are open to debate on it:"God has created both man and woman, and they have been entrusted with the responsibility of choosing the right and wrong, good or bad.

Your actions in this world have nothing to do with what other people think about it. You are and you will be the sole responsible for your actions. Therefore, choosing upon your partner should be your own decision. God has given you the right to choose your partner. Then, how does choosing a male or a female partner matter?

I also agree that God created woman to see that this beautiful world flourishes. He gave women the most beautiful gift- to give birth. She struggles endlessly for nine months to bring that precious thing in this world. However, this organ is missing in man.

Man has and never been able to procreate naturally. It is next to impossible. Now, does this mean a man cannot marry another man? I think it is ridiculous to think so in terms of only physical desires. No body is asking every one of us to be turned into homosexuals.

I fear that in India, parents conceive their kids to act by the way they judge one. You are supposed to obey and marry the same boy or girl your parents select. Pre-marital sex and live-in relationships are still considered by the Indian society as a taboo. But, my question is, whether listening to each of their actions is justified? Actually, people are not looking love here. They have already started looking into its evils and loopholes.

The first thing is SEX. The Supreme Court has banned anal sex between males, and I am not getting into there. However, try to analyze that Homosexuality is just another common way of man leading their lives. Questions have started pouring whether Lesbianism is OK? Yes, so what is wrong here? Both are ways of living their lives. A society will not get spoil for them, for God's sake.

The more these social restrictions are erased, the more people will enjoy their livelihood. The moral tenet of any marriage in every religion is ‘to have a blissful life’. So, why should a person be morally discouraged to marry a woman when he likes a man?

Neither the man nor the woman will be happy in that sense. I think it is time the society grows up and accept Homosexuality as a common thing. There will be polls conducted, debates held and what not in television and online media, but you have to listen to your heart, and not go by the polls. Because, the society doesn not come to help you when you do not have work and are living in damned walls.

If it makes two people of the same sex live in peace and harmony, who are we to crib about it? Let’s broaden our outlook. Lets get our educational institutions teach right and wrong. Let's not shield away from truth.

We have enough problems in our country. Let us use our energy getting them rectified, instead of maligning homosexuals.

I am straight, and I hope that when I get married, my wife and I will have no issues if we have a son that grows up to be a gay. It’s after all an individual choice. Let’s learn to respect it."   Into that Freedom my father! let me country awake.

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