Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yet Another Excuse!

This nation should be called a "nation of excuses". Anytime anywhere and any mishap occurs, the nation comes out with a bag of excuses. Whom to trust and whom to not? I sometimes wonder if it would rather make sense to worry about the excuses rather than wasting our time on pondering over the incidents. Let us take for the case- the recent Mangalore Air tragedy in which countless lives were lost or the Indian cricket team dismal performance in the T20 World cup. 

The nation witnessed and heard in both the cases administrations who out rightly rejected any blame on the center and attributed causes to counterfeit reasons. While the former known for abstaining itself from any political chivalrous methods and declaring it was the pilot' fatigue, the latter declared the IPL parties.

Are we a nation of idiots blinded by the ideology that our the man in the chair can only speak the truth and so when he does something wrong we have no other options? I am dismayed and sad at the state of the affairs.

The Mangalore air tragedy occurred in the wee hours of the morning that probably meant dusk in many of the families. I am not an aviation expert to sit in the armchairs of NDTV, CNN IBN and so many media channels and describe what went wrong, but I could just tell you that those images disturbed me a lot. The newspapers reported that the pilots could have averted the tragedy by taking off when they had noticed that the thrust would have taken them across the reins.

All I can say is I can hear what the experts, government and rest can say, but you heard just a party. The pilots are no more with you us to tell us their stories. I also read the certain experts had already showcased government of certain airports' standards norms not matching the industrystandards. But still and for what price!

The T20 World Cup and India' exit is nothing new. I am appalled by the way Dhoni blamed the IPL Parties for the debacle. It was like a naive student who wanted all wanted Roti, Kapda and Makan, and when he got in abundance he forgot that he needs to work for it.

India plays most of the time in the sub-continent pitches, and the IPL show is another example of emptying your pockets for glitz and glory. How many players from IPL have come out to play for India in test cricket? All we need was a statement from the team that yes, folks we need to work on the short-pitch stuff. Would admittance have really made the team low?

Look, I am not sadist or hyperactive by these incidents but I am sad. I have lost all the hopes that this country exhibits. I would have still be contented kid had my heroes or the leaders be honest to admit their follies but no! It happens only when you take people for granted. I sense that these chaps feel that the common man is an idiot and all we need to do is sparkle once or twice.

I know every country will have officials and players like this, but not every country can boast of a rich and divine culture like India. All I can pray is that the next time a fellow makes an excuse it would hurt a little lesser.

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