Saturday, August 16, 2008


[I have a mother who kept me in her womb for nine months, took uncontrollable pains, just to bring me in this world. Are you going to kill your mother by raping a woman?..]

"Please don't do it, Akhil. Please spare me. I am your girlfriend.AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Those were the last words from Sania's lips. She is lying unconscious for the last 5 days, and her accused boyfriend Akhil has been absconding. Mr. Zameel, their lawyer has been waiting in the Civil Court impatiently. They were supposed to get married today.

"Tick Tick Tick..nurse, the patient is sinking"

I have narrated a true incident that may seem to some people as "surprising." I might also get a few brickbats from men accusing me of putting spots on their characters, but I am afraid this is fact. I am not a feminist, but I do wish that we man could have treated woman in a far superior and dignified fashion.

The dreaded Rape has been in news every now and then. Before I wrote this article, one of my friends, surprisingly told me that for every 27 seconds, a woman or a girl is raped in this world. Shocking!Shocking!

When Akhil was nabbed by the cops, everyone was in for a surprise. He was calm and composed during the interrogation, and here are a few reasons as cited by him:

1)Dominion: Girls are supposed to not voice their opinion in every matters. She kept on telling me what to do and where not to go. I felt so insulted. It was important that she knew who was running the relationship.

2)Controlship: Man like to dominate over their partners, and if it means making a women feel as less weaker, I do it. I took drugs and empowered her. She was resilent. Akhil busted into a laughter that seemed to shake the 'a sweet lover' and overcome it with 'notorious' love.

3)Physical Needs: I always have needs. Don't you have too? I mean, I watch a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. They all are advocating that man should have sex more with a woman satisfy her.

All the above reasons cited by Akhil sounds absolutely rubbish to me. I don't know how rape could be prevented, but yes man have physical needs. But in no fashion, it should mean that you should force on a woman.

Rape to me affects more a woman mentally rather than her body. She not only loses the dignity to live but also the basics rights to enjoy life.

Our society has this logic that it mixes kindness to a potion. It asks a woman to drink that potion to the fullest till her life. Sympathy is good, but oversimplifying sympathy is bad. Do encourage Woman. Treat her with care, but don't make her feel that she is at a down level anyway.

The Law has to take a strict action. I am not supporting death penalty, but am going overboard on this. You have to teach the rapists a lesson. The best thing is to chop their sexual organ. Yes, do this once and than you see how it will affect.

Lastly, common sense. Why all I do it at first case? I have a mother who kept me in her womb for nine months, took uncontrollable pains, just to make me see this world. Are you going to kill your mother by raping a woman? Think about it man- Real man never rapes. Let's all join together to stop this. Now!

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shruthi said...

hope dis ends... but unfortunately dis world 'of men' i'd say wud neva understand the pain until they get into the shoes of a woman...
hope ur article reminds every man who reads it dat "women aren't OBJECTS" :)