Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's half past one in the night, and I am just back from the Rex theater. I had gone to watch a movie in a theater after a long time. I have never liked watching Hindi movies in a theater suspending doubts over dis likeness for any Bollywood movies, but its just that I can't take these stupid gaana bajana sentiments bentiments for a long time, in these case 3 hours.

But, in this case it had something to do with Rock music, and I had to be there.

Farhan Akhtar has been the nicest thing to happen in Bollywood in 2000. Maybe, he could testify that his craftness skills has something to do with genes. He usurped a seasonal change in DIL CHAHTA HAI that rewrote script writing in Bollywood.

So, I had great hopes in him. I saw him anchoring or a celebrity judge in couple of Television music shows, and feel carried an awe of charmness and dignity in him. Happy to note here: Farhan lives to that in ROCK ON.

Arjun Rampal, long locks of hair with a guitar in hand and superb looks is always a killer. There is no doubt that his magic appeal and voice have infused teenybloopers for ages, and much like my friend Balaji, inspite of everything was not getting the all important LUCK factor going.

Farhan gave him a meaty role in DON followed up with ROCK ON. I am admiting that this has been Rampal's most matured performance. Look at his eyes when he speaks. He has his shades of disappointment for inspite being the talented lead guitarist, he could never make it in the music industry.

Purab Kohli is definitely a very cute and lovable character in the movie. But if I am not mistaken this dude is invaded by his own identity. Right from his telivision soap HIP HIP HURRAY he has over and over again played more and less same character barring. Purab definitely his timings well.

Luke kenny not much to say but he didn't disappoint though. Debbi and Prachi did their jobs well.

I wondered if Farhan would ever make a sequel of DIL CHAHTA HAI. Will he take a risk? Assuming he did, he would have to show the post-married lives of Akash, Sid and Sameer. Here, Akash is Farhan, Sid is Arjun and Sameer is Purab.

The fact is they showed a band which broke up due to indifference of two of his key members (DIL CHAHTA had Akash and Sid clash). Now, they have another reunion (Saif, Aaamir and Akshaye patching up owing to Dimple Kapadia's illiness) and this time for their buddy Luke, who has a brain tumor.

I am happy that this movie came to the market since I really wanted Bollywood to dwell on ROCK music. It's been ages since this industry has given something really worthwhile to take notice on.

ROCK ON clicks in the urban groups; it will be a smashing hit.

I just wish that it brings more musical scripts in place . We have the talent and we shouldn't be afraid to experiment.

This is the new age of Bollywood Industry. Let's Rock on

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shruthi said...

after readin ur review, luks like i shud b watchin d movie ASAP.... :)