Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ms. Kareena Kapoor Speaking

Sunday evenings are always meant to unwind and relax at home. Most of the professionals that I know chose to do that, but a certain elite class of profession called Journalists decide to make Sunday the most happening day of the week.

Well! oh aise, kay Sunday happens to be time when these masala journalists forecast the impending week's masala. I happen to know such an anecdote shared by a friend of mine, who works for a leading Bollywood e-zine. Her name is Nusaibha Azeem.

A couple of days back, when Bangalore witnessed a series of blasts to infuse hatred and scare amongst the people, I got a call from Nusaibha. Apparently, it was there in every news headlines, and the tragic news had spread like anything in every part of the globe and Mumbai was one such place.

Anyway, due to the jamming of cellphones,Nusaibha wasn't able to reach me immediately, but finally she did. "Oh Allah! you are hale and hearty, Raj! I am so glad to hear your voice.", the melodious voice crooned from the other end of the cell phone.

I solemnly pronounced "Nus dear, I won't die before producing 12 kids", and both of us busted into a hearty laugh. It so much reminded us of her college days. Anyway, it was really sweet on her part to call.

She did only to share an interesting anecdote. "Hey, Raj! guess what's happening in Ms. Kapoor's life" Star's lives do not interest me as much as cricketer's lives do.

"Hey Saif, I just called up to say that I won't be doing the sequel of JAB WE MET." "Lekin kyun nahin?" Saif asked in his usual crooky voice. I sometimes feel his voice sounded more like Rani Mukherjee counterpart.

"Well, it seems Imitiaz has signed up Shahid again for the coup, and it would be ugly to pair with him again." "Not really! says Saif. I heard that they have been quite a pair in KISMET CONNECTION, and so if you would pair with him, not only you get the limelight, but I get a hook up to."

"Really, hows that?", Kareena's eyes seem to have protruded out as she spoke the words. "You see off late the media has been highlighting on our personal lives, and if it has helped anyone is Shahid and Divya Balan. So, now if our lives are messed up like this, we can see that theirs can be affected too."

"Pray Continue"...

"Now, if we can manage to get the attention towards them instead of us, we can carry on with our work imperturbably and managed to be in limelight."

"Wow" Kareena screamed and added more to it "things will be the same without anyone even noticing the faintest of ideas. Hey you know what to get things much more heated I shall appear in one of the mushy interviews, and show how much I care for Shahid. Added to the twist, maybe show a little bit more of compassion."

“Oh Saif,you’re such a sweetheart, I love you.” And I love you too Rosa, Bips, Lolo".

Break- "So hows the story for the Sunday masala edition, Raj". "Well Nus in a nation where Shahrukh Khan and Sex sells, I won't be surprised that your picture doesn't hit the headlines." Anyway, I have never understood this filmy affairs and world. It’s such a big puzzle that celebrities can stoop to any level of stupidity in order to attain popularity. I just took the instance of Bollywood’s Kareena.

In real life, don’t we stoop to substandard levels. Just think about the last time you have done such thing to get popular. If you do remember, try to think could would you have avoided it any way. The answer is within you. Just seek for it.

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