Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reviewing GHAJINI

In ages to come they will say Aamir Khan's movies are like old wines. There is a sense of excitement as you uncork another bottle. GHAJINI (hope I spelled it correctly) bears another testimonial to this actor's majestic performance.

Infact, three intellectuals sitting just above me at the theater(who almost narrated the entire picture to us) complained more on Director Murgadoss rather than on Aamir.

The reviews are coming great for Sanjay Singhania (Aamir).A short-term memory lapse guy who seeks to avenge the murder of his beloved Asin. Have you seen Memento, the Hollywood flick? Na! its not a lift-off, but yes GHAJINI drags a bit.

I am sure when you watch a PREMIERE spanning across 3 hours, you assume that you are watching the uncut version of the movie. So, if I witnessed Hindi Ghajini to have a 'LATTU' number pictured on the sexy siren JIA KHAN (remember Amitabh's muse in NISHABAD), I am not sure if that is a justice and adds to the screen.

I wish Murgadoss could have utilised that time of Jia Khan item track to bring some more vitality in the movie. At some point I felt the commerical factor, often coming from the producers cast spell into a picture's doom.

The following scenes could have been shaped or enacted better. When Aamir loses his cues, destroyed by GHAJINI, and finds himself in a hospital, there is a momentary lapse of sadness. I wish the director could have exploited Aamir's trauma in the uncertainty of his life.

Also, I understand Aamir has got lot of cues in the movie. These are essential for the way he behaves and manages himself. Would it have been a bad if efforts were made to check if those cues in his body could be unravelled a bit?

The pictures moves at a very good pace. Asin does a profound job and it could easily be understood that she knows her character in and out. She acted opposite Surya brilliantly in the Tamil version, and equally brilliant with Aamir. Jia Khan, well the oomph factor of the babe is too hard to leave out. But she is OK.

A few scenes that stands out.Aamir getting up in the morning and has no clue where he is, the scene in which Asin gets murdered is chilling, Aamir's clash with GHAJINI in the climax- I love the way he reacted. He is animal at that moment and snorts instead of talking. Wonderful!

Lapses--well, one I could remember making a long distant call from London on Asin's cell, when she is travelling in a train. Yes, I am complaining too much.

Great show Aamir Khan! another varied role. I enjoyed your performance from QSQT to DIL CHAHTA HAI to RANG DE BASANTI to GHAJINI. It's been a great ride with you. Of course, all of us went to watch GHAJINI, praying its a super-duper hit.

I am a big fan of yours, but alas!I could say. GHAJINI is a HIT only. Never mind, thanks for the show! Parents: watch out the violence factor when you take your kids. Time to get up- it's 3 in the Xmas morning and PARAMOUNT hotel is still open.

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insanity unleashed said...

nice review. i haven't watched it yet, but would definitely watch it this week.