Saturday, August 15, 2009

Late up!

Late mornings have always resulted me in performing things at a peril. Things that actually could be done in slow and steady rhythm are now chalked under the burning suns.

I observed a grave momentary silence when these things happen, but then during those moments of observation, I have nothing but words of consolation, that good things are happening round the corner.My roomie and I both share a common bathroom-infact we share a 2bhk apartment, so obviously there is a common bathroom. He gets up at 9, while I wake up at 8, and though long stretches of exercise makes me get up to that bathroom, it is not usually before 9:15 that I come out of the bathroom.

In between that period, if my roomie gets to find the bathroom vacant, he sneaks in. Of course, the urgency of the situation makes me tackle the issue very mildly. There are no harsh words exchanged. Only a cold stare that can mean a lot of things. It is a stare that says: "dude! seriously, understand my plight."

So, now we have decided that we will keep our alarm clocks a lit bit louder, so that I can get exactly at 8 and start my morning rituals. My roomie has also been a little understanding in waking me up if I have been a touch late. Things have been going well for now. But, with the onset of weekend, everything changes for sure. Watch this space for updates.

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