Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pain of a Cellphone

I have been lying in the bed for the past two days. But,it seems that it has been eternal. My cellphone has been a source of companion to me. It keeps me regularly updated me with my Facebook, Orkut and all my friends.Sometime, it is nice to be pampered and especially when your parents are at your side, I do not mind at all. I always enjoyed female company and attention; it makes me feel special. She has been to Oman for sometime now, and though there is not even a single dictum of connection between us, I wish she understood and come back.

The clock ticks 12 of the noon. It is generally when she is online, and I used to wait for her to login and ping. As a general tendency of a Capricorn guy, I used to wait for her to ping me instantly. I was in office, but then taking time out for her was something that I loved. Each and every instant,every bit of smile, her talks, her actions and so on was funny, but yet it had so much of love in it.

The deep passion with which they embraced each other was something that we shielded away from the internet zone and broke the tidings. Compassionate phone calls and messages at night made each of their heart beats faster. There was an attempt from each of us to get more closer than it seems. And, now there is a void.

Questions keep on trickling on my mind- what happen? is she fine? has her parents found about me? Random messages that used to flash in his screen were missing. It begin to hurt me. Questions poured whether I was showing more attitude to her that it pained me? have I ill-treated her? Could I change it? Yes, only if I could.

There is a sudden beep in my cellphone. A message flashed:Dawgy, dawgy!!1

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