Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sylehti times with Maa and Baba

Sitting in a hair salon could be as terrifying and grandiose. It can be equally painful as I find my beloved mom testing my patience. It needs to go in my hall of fame, mom. I love my mom. She is my best friend. But sorry mom, waiting for u in the reception alley is tougher than batting for my college team.

This last weekend of the month of August 2009 was made special by by home-cooked Elish maach. Together we hopped to Madiwala market since most of the days I am stuck with ma routine work in office. So as baba kept on saying "ki bhalo syad syad"..I had to take maa for shopping.Also, Durga pooja is coming, and for we Bengalis, it is the much awaited major attraction of the after purchasing stuffs for maa, baba, it seem obvious that I eat like a badhyo chele n sleep like a shubdho balak on a saturday night.

This morning, I called up Shruti and inquired about Benarashi silk shops in Bangalore and then went to purchase couple of sarees for Maa from Angadi Silks. It was worth checking out. Thanks a lot Shruti for helping this stranger out in the city.

In the evening,I am sitting here getting maa a facial pack. It seems great for here is a lady who toiled endlessly in her life for/her kids..and to give back to her means so much.God I love ma mom and thanks to Nokia E 63 for putting my thoughts in.

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