Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Take on Love-Aaj-Kal

I do not like watching Bollywood movies and am a very boring company too. Staying confined to a theatre for 3 long hours is a tiresome job. But, I am sure my ex-girlfriends would kill me for it, but then darlings- I just wanted to be with you. Enough said.

Last week I managed to get myself a free ticket for a movie called LOVE AAJ KAL courtesy my PR friend Sowmya. Her exact words were- Raj, write a beautiful review of the movie. You must be joking for I am known to murder movies. I am a staunch critic.
Anyway, I found myself in an alley of beautiful hot looking girls in PVR. I said chalo, timepass ho jayega. The movie started and I have to admit I loved it. It has been such a refreshing change to watch a movie with practical being its theme. And, nowhere in the movie, I found anything that had been taken off the mark or something congenial to the bore.

Imtiaz seem to be a master in handling today’s youth-oriented love stories. A successful JAB WE MET has given Imtiaz the confidence to direct Saif and Deepika. Normally, the movie can be clubbed into nothing major but a serious drama bazi, but then this movie has shades of interesting personas. I wonder if Kunal Kohli would have directed the movie better.

Deepika has a great smile, dimples and all, but that's really it. I feel for Imtiaz to see his dialogue butchered by his heroine, heartbreak heightening when she murders a lovely 'break me' line. Both Imtiaz's earlier films featured heroines of tremendous talent, and one wishes this one also had an actual actress.

Saif does well but his character is wishy-washy, offensive in both the brash way he speaks to Rishi Kapoor as well as the callousness with which he takes his British girlfriend to India.Saif is a much better actor, but I am still not confident if he can carry a movie all on his own. The depth of the movie lies in its music.

Love Aaj Kal is a refreshing change. Go and watch it with your loved ones.

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