Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Fine Morning with SpiceJet

The last time, I glanced at my watch, it showed me signs of desperation. A desperation to push it further and get connected to the tidings. News that can bring a smile in the face of a traveler, who seldom likes to grin at things. But, today it is different. I have had enough of it.

Each time, I faced this issue, I kept reminding myself that Aamir Khan too faced certain complexities in life in 3 Idiots, yet reminded to say 'Allz is well'. But, this is different. I had enough of this nonsense with the airports and airlines in India. The same make-shift logic of running the best airlines, yet we have to face some nonsense issues.
The flight to Bangalore from capital city New Delhi by SpiceJet is supposed to leave at sharp 6. I have reached the Indira Gandhi Airport from Vasanth Vihar in a span of 20 minutes, half-numb, half-shocked and half-awoken. Numb for I have never experienced such a winter season in my twenty-six years of life, shocked because I am so used to Bangalore traffic that an empty street looks a distant dream to me and awoken for I never awake before 10 on a Sunday morning. Anyway, the driver dropped me to the airport, and then I had to rush for the trolleys.

I entered inside, and a cheerful yet so fake SpiceJet official gave me a shocker "Sorry sir! the flight has been canceled. We cannot put you into next flight. You can only leave on so so date". She posted this news in such a hurry that it would have beat the flurry of movies' releases that Ramgopal Varma has.

I had not yet overcome this jeopardy when she announced that I should get on queue for more details. I was like 'hello!, are you inviting me for KAUN BANEGA RUDE WITH ME"

I just vented out my whole frustration on her, but she answered that with such a fake smile. The airport looked like a mess to me at that time. No queues for boarding passes, everyone standing wherever they possibly could and no helpline. Luckily, I got a flight to Bangalore but that was a flight via Ahmedabad. I had to shell out some more money to travel.

But that is not the point- the callousness and the recklessness of these airlines for the passengers. It is their duties to report to the passengers about a delay of the flight, and take necessary precautions that they help the passengers to board another flight. But why would they? Because, all the carriers are the same in India, be it Jet Airways, Kingfisher and so on. It is about the price tag that all are concerned about. The rest 'passengers' can go to hell!

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