Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When you Girlfriend Prepares Chilly Chicken!

The last few days have been quite tension-filled for Prachi. She had never faced this situation earlier, not even during the board exams, but now she has to. Prachi studying in Lady Sreeram College of New Delhi had to cook for Raj.

Interestingly, Raj is a good cook, not in the terms of Sanjeev Kapoor, but well, he knows a few things. Praci’ tension scaled up a few days earlier when she quietly quizzed Raj on the Facebook forum, “What gets you turn on?” Raj, as smartly can told her “your cooking.”

In the deepest corners, Raj knew Prachi would have got the hint. In a few weeks of time, there was not much of activity to be noticed in Prachi’s Facebook forum. Quietly, she had started preparing various menu dishes looking at the various recipes. In times, she invited wrath of friends by cooking various recipes and getting their feedback.
I am not sure if the feedback went fine with her, because there was an attempt to dissuade her from kitchen. Often at times, she used to check her mother’ quotient of recipes, and cook them. Interestingly, her mom was not pretty pleased with her cooking, and told her “tumi raana gharer paase jeo naa” (do not go near the kitchen)! It infuriated her so much that she decided to stay away from kitchen.

But then Raj’ birthday was drawing near; Prachi knew that she had to surprise Raj. That day she woke up early, went to the market and bought some chicken. She decided that she would prepare Chilly Chicken for him.

Fine! so the assignment started- the entire locality had by now known that she was cooking something. The clanking of utensils sounded more than as usual and somehow or the other the dish was prepared. Now, she has to wait for Raj.

Prachi, who has managed to speak 50 sentences hardly, was waiting for Raj to come. Soon, Raj arrived and without exchanging pleasantries or anything, she dashed off to the kitchen and bought the dish, “here, taste it.” Raj, taken aback, by this sudden situation did not know how to react. His facial expressions bore a quizzical look, enough to get Prachi shoot another command, “khao ekhon. (eat now)” Raj for the first time looked at Prachi- the fragile beautiful face showed traits of sweetens and handiwork.

Raj felt it was ugly on his part to turn his sweet little sunshine to a pale cook. He tasted it and told her it was wonderful. “Dhopash! came the sound”…Prachi fell down on the bed. The doctor was summoned and he gave two bottles of salinated water.

After a few days, when Raj saw that Prachi had recovered, he went to her, took her hands in his hands, and told “that was the best chilly chicken, I ever had sweets”. Tears flowed in from her eyes. They collapsed into a hug, only to discover a roasted chicken in the refrigerator to be cooked by Prachi. Guess, it is love!


noyonika said...

One of the your best! full of humor :) Prachi is a lucky girl. :)

noyonika said...
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nafisa said...

wonderful! looks like u guys are made for each other...all the best! shd ask my gf also to do something

madhumita said...

superb!i guess my guy also compliments in sum rare special way wen i cuk sumthin 4 him!lol