Monday, January 11, 2010

Musings of an Idiot outside IIMB

For sometime now, comedy in Bollywood has turned itself into a slapstick-vulgar note. We witness comedies where in the name of humor, double-standard languages are used. I am quite tired of it, because maa-behen ki gaalibaazi comedy is not my cup of tea, and I am sure it is not yours too.

So, when a Rajkumar Hirani directs a comedy, you know you will get something nice, which you can enjoy it with family. Like Munnabhai, 3 Idiots conveys a very serious message in terms of our educational system, and does that with some brilliant comedy.

It is good to start the year with laughter because where do we get to smile these days.I am running helter-skelter in paying premium policies and documentation stuffs which I am not sure will be of any help to anyone. But, I have to do it. But, when I get a chance to see a movie like 3 Idiots, I am compelled to tell myself, "Allz is well."

The movie has 3 protagonists and though all of them have been brillant in their respective roles, Mr. Chatur Singh steals the show. This movie is incomplete without this guy's presence.

If you watch Sholay today also, you will marvell at Gabbar Singh. His character is that of a person,who is like most of us, in our colleges, dying to secure good position, then get a million-dollar job, and yet cribble over things. He is not satisfied, and that is so common to us-are we? Right when he starts with his intro "I was born in Uganda, but brought up in Pondy" to "Tu ki hain..teacher abhi", Chatur is a master in acting ship.The story has been nicely told and each of the scenes kept me engrossed. The songs are very situational especially "Doobi Doobi"--well-choreographed. Aaamir, very honestly is someone I have marvelled since Bachchan.

After Dil Chahta Hai, I never thought you will play the role of 22+ college going folk with such wonder. Does he anywhere look like a 45+ guy? His quizzical expressions were so natural- he is intelligent but foolish at time. His voice is dubbed a few times especially when he tells Kareena, "Tum apni Maa ko Bahut Miss Karti Ho naa...".

Madhavan as usual does a niche job. I guess my ex-gf would be happier to see her favorite crush. Sharman is one of the best actors of Bollywood now. Like Saif, he does not mind playing second fiddle at time. I am not sure if he is a guy who can carry a film alone in his shoulder, but he is trying.

Kareena is good or may I say I enjoyed her short role. This movie is based on Chetan Bhagwat' 5 POINT SOMEONE. I enjoyed that book, but it is not something that I can recommend you for any serious think. If you want to read it for fun, you can do it. So, if Rajkumar has taken the characters and made it into a powerful story, I think Chetan should be happy for it.

There were so many places that connected me- for example my parents pushing me for Science course, when I am basically an Arts guy, Running and still running after money and so on.

I liked and enjoyed the movie. I hope you can enjoy this comedy with your family. I think parents need to be advisers and not push their kids with their views. Well, fortunately, everyone is not an Idiot like me at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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