Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Son of a Preacher Man

It has been another eventful day for Tom. Eventful-because he has managed to perform umpteenth tasks at minimal risks. These tasks that Tom regularly performs have nothing to do with domestic chores or studies. It has to do with his infighting with his father- Father George, a priest in Kollam, Kerala.

Father George, a stout disciplined preacher took the white gown at a very young age. Like most of the preachers, he too spent a great deal of time in advocating the tenets of Christianity. Father George is a lovable figure to everyone. But, to Tom he was a merciless father who did not have bestow any sort of love or affection to him.

Tom wanted to pursue a life of riches and pleasure. He wanted to dress up like those of the rich kids, and go to school by cars. He wanted to get the first seat in Sunday's mass at church for he was the preacher. But, Father George is a disciplined man. Though Father George was gifted with a car but he hardly used it. He was against any worldly pleasures. He has no qualms if these pleasures were meant for others, but he refrained it from using or anyone by his family.

Tom is the only child. He lost his mother during birth, and though Father George had raised him quite well, Tom found him guilty. He felt he was responsible for his mother's untimely death. George never made Tom realize that.

Tom was sent to the best of the schools in Kollam and given the best of education. Tom also proved to be a meritorious student averaging more than 60 percent in his board exams. But when Tom stepped in college, life took a turn.

He had friends who were constantly interacting and trying to balance the solitude between his college and personal life. Tom is a good student. But the society at large has been pain to check the constant interaction.

Tom fell in love with a girl and within a few days he turned himself completely changed. He wanted to spend more and more time with her. She wanted to give him an usherance of "everything's perfect".

Tom decided to take his dad car. Father George was in the dinner table...


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