Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stop Manufacturing Cigarettes

"The decision you make today will decide your fate for tomorrow." is aptly true for the Health ministry of India. Mr. Ramadoss who has been leading the Health ministry for sometimes has regulated that from starting October 2, smoking in public places will impose hefty monetary penalty. It may in also in some cases result in imprisonment.

This decision of the government has led to quite a debate with most of the analysts trying to scrutinize the decision as 'right' or 'wrong'. Understandably, the Indian media with the dozens of television channels are trying to make it a more of a prime time issue than anything else and scaling up the TRP ratings.

I am not here to debate if it's the right or wrong decision. This article seeks to find out "why is the govt. not banning the manufacturing of cigarettes at first step?"

I am NOT a smoker though I tried it in once college; I somehow didn't like the odor of it and stopped there and than. SMOKING to me harms more than the AIDS. It results in the entire environment getting polluted.

Research has proved time and again that passive smokers are likely to be affected more than the active ones. In that context, I suggest those active smokers will now more smoke in their premises causing more pollution than anything else. Has the government given a thought about it?

Guess, we all know the revenue gathered from the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited (ITC) industry is enormous. The excise duties leveraged on these contributes more to the government's business.

It is a thriving and building business. To call it means a lot of revenue in the exiled zone, and its not that the decision process that needs to be executed properly.

A product that is launched in the market has to be nicely packaged and target properly to the intended audience. The audience are in need of the product. Any impact to the product distribution drastically affects the revenue as well as the package part. So, my question is why is this jeopardy?

In one hand, you are asking the government to keep on manufacturing cigarettes and on the other hand ban smoking in public places?

ITC has imposed a case on the regulatory body to stop this. It's important that certain legislation are passed by the public to quickly work on the ban imposed. To start with, the public should withhold the buying of cigarettes.

That would result in the dealers to stop getting them to the market.The government needs to pay attention to the root cause to the problem.

In a democratic nation like Indian, where every body has the damn right to express and use any sort of product for the personal use.

If you wish to impose the bank, stop manufacturing the cigarettes at the first step. Once we stop manufacturing them, rest everything will fall in place. Let's just do what we should do in first place and not just go on regulating ordinances.

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