Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Fashion Mistake

Look, when you are between the ripe age of sixteen and twenty-one, lot of mistakes happen. Mistakes that are hesitatingly referred to as 'pain in the ass', and to my friends a fashion mishap. I have always liked wearing nice clothes. Who does not by the way? So, though the incident that I'll relate here has to do with clothes. Care to read.

I had just been to the college in Bangalore, and everything seemed to be 'drop-down'. Drop-down refers to the environment condition in which you feel yourselves pants falling down at will. Priya- freshness in every aspect, a St.Josephs student. Priya was in the eyes of every guy who wishes to have a life partner. I say life partner because you don't wish to freak out with her.

I thought I had to converse with Priya. My friend guided me that everything falls correct on the Valentines day, and I had to wear 'a low-rise jeans'-emphatically masculine. Many people still seem to think that low rise jeans and its blood relative, the ‘dangerously low-rise’ variety, cling tenaciously on in India.

I wore it and went to Priya. The moment she looked at me , she asked "what the hell! what happen to you waist". I ran away from there..

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