Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

I must ask the readers before all of you start reading this post. What's wrong with me? Will I be ever lucky in love? I guess, a 'NO' would be the answer.

I don't wish to write about this or scribble about it. But than, do I need a reason or ask someone if I do this. What happened in the last weeks of September 2008 were the most beautiful and amazing moments with this little princess who walked into my life.

She not only infused me a belief of love but made me a nicer human being. A complete human being would be the right word. The long hours over the phone, the minute details in our respective lives were shared. For her, I was a baby, a person who infused charm and a belief that "love is special".

Unfortunately, her parent's pressure were too enough for her to withstand. She had to crush her feelings for that guy. I tried my level best to convince her, said I would wait years for her. She just said, "I'll think about it."

Parents play a role in every one's lives; they are special in every sense. They provide us with life's basic needs in terms of food, clothing and shelter. And one day, decides to take the pivotal decision of getting the kid married.

It's all nice and fine, but they just missed the important point-their daughter's wishes. She too dreams of a special person in her life, who gives her all the happiness and makes happy. Isn't that supposed to be important and not this caste and type?

Over the years, we have kept on debating on this ranks and frankly can you tell me how it has contributed? I seriously doubt, if it has help us in anyway. It has made life more miserable. Does money, ranks, caste matters to such an extent that you'll overlook the other qualities in a person.

To an extent, a girl is emotionally blackmailed at times and the girl succumbs to it. What can she possibly do also? She has seen her parents toiling hard for her, and she couldn't speak.

I don't blame her. What could she possibly do? In a society like India, we are dependent on our parents to such an extent that a girl or a boy takes years to get independent. I think that needs to be changed.

Every relationship teaches. This one did too. I guess this taught me how a girl succumbs to the pressure of her parents. She never gets a chance to live her life. What could be more tragic than this? A girl needs to break down the barriers and see her voice is heard and more understood.

As for me, it would be very hard for me to even forget this face. But, I guess I'll wait for her. Yes, I'll wait for her to come out from the shell. Be an independent woman. That's I wanted her. As for my life, well I have already lived it with her. :)


noyonika said...

She is stupid man if she has left someone like you, who adored her with so much of love. I mean we all love our parents, but this is just like succumbing to their will, and not living your own lives.

nafisa said...

Really sad! I hope she fights back one day. BTW is that your true story? just curious