Friday, January 23, 2009

The Last Kiss

For a moment nothing moved except for the few leaves that were falling down from the old Banyan tree. The hustle & bustle of everyday activities' seem to prey silent to the mohican adventure of this place. The place located in the confines of Rupert street is often an anonymous adventure, a loafer's den, and some gossip stories's inception. But this day, it is different.

The place, known as Baltizmer's graveyard welcomes another daughter to its abode. Mrs. Smith is no more. She has left for her abode leaving her daughter and son.

As the coffin donned Mrs. Smith with flowers of varied colors, a beautiful Anita Smith in a spotless white gown, eyes closed, nose tilted towards the yonder sky and lips closed, laid. The nose portrayed severe emotion tilted towards the Heaven. It has to be heaven, everyone said.

Anitha was such a sweet child," "oh! she was an angel in her days, said her friends. While everyone spoke and ushered their condolences, Diana kept silence. It is a silence that pervaded her for a long time. A reason that most of the mourners linked up to her mother's sudden death. But it isn't

Mom, I want to get married to this guy. I love him". He is not suitable for you. These words kept on repeatedly on Diana's mind as she had her first child aborted. Philip, her husband could not bear the fact that she had given birth to a girl. He had openly laid two options in front of her- either get the child aborted or leave him.

She loves Philip, She always did and she could not bear to lose him. In times of motherhood, its believed a girl suddenly gets an extra energy to give a new birth, the creation of a baby born itself makes her feel infallibly good. Perhaps, that's why they said "a girl has turned into a woman."

Anitha could not take the news of aborted child shock. She cannot face the news that her daughter has killed someone since she liked her husband. Anitha suffered a stroke, and perhaps in her last moments, she wished her daughter and son could be there. Perhaps her efforts to raise the kids had gone last. She had raised the kids when their father had passed away of a dreaded sickness. Anitha worked endlessly in her role as a teacher.

The priest asked Diana to say her prayers and have a last conversation with her mother. Diana knelled towards towards the coffin. Her hands were covered in black gloves. The same hands that once Anitha caught Diana falling from walking, were today cold and unmoved. Diana looked into her mother's eyes. Anitha is beautiful.

Even in the last few hours of death has not been able to disrupt the beauty of her mother. She smelt so good. Diana remembers how she used to take her mom through out a ride, and she said stop, stop!! How she wish Time stops.

Even at death, people learn a few lessons. Lessons that teaches you how important death can be at times. It instructs you that life is the beautiful creation of God, and only he is entitled to take it at his own right. Diana had no right to abort a child who did not even see the light of this world. And, her she is weeping for her mother, whom she longs to be alive. Such is the adversity of this world.

As she locks the last kiss with her mother, she suddenly feels that her mom said something to her ears. "Diana, I forgave you; I'll be born again as your daughter". Please don't kill me again". Diana shudders this time. Could it be her mom. But her mother lies in the grave. Who could it be? It had started raining.

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