Friday, January 23, 2009

Sex and Economy

Two visible things have remain etched in my 'mediocre' brain from my hey days. Both of them has to do with my teenage years. I am referring to Sex and Economy. The 'Sex' and 'Economy'-distinct and yet much true are the two things, which according to me balances and stands as a major pedestal for any youngster in his or her growing years; I wasn't immobile to the same.

I was of the fact and had a general consensus that both of these things were 'gifted',and only the'lucky' ones were entitled to the same. It is where I take and draw a picture of a small town, where I grew up and feel has its own advantages, and though it seems immodest for me to deny it outright now, the fact is at that period the town sucked for I missed both Sex and Economy.

Board exams meant you have to put in all your efforts towards studies. It also meant no Television(Chitrahaar or Rangoli on DD National Network) or any sort of entertainment that you could possibly think of, forget Internet in 90's. I am not against all these,but when it comes to - glorifying your parents prestige by doing well in the examinations, I get all psyched up.

Unfortunately, I have never been able to gauze how is that answering a 100 marks question makes Jack,healthy, wealthy and wise? Anyway, to cut is short- you can make out the Sex factor was NULL, and Money- well if you have read it till here, continue reading.

I think I owe a lot to my parents for they inculcated in me a certain discipline in terms of using money. You see, unlike most of today's youth, I used to never receive a something called 'pocket money'. I used to earn my monthly expenses either by writing a short piece for a college article or contesting in a Quiz show. My eldest brother, whom I consider to be a role model, and that has not changed yet today, took care of my finances at any day. But that, didn't mean I had money to buy something for my girlfriend.

Honestly speaking, when I look back, I don't see that I had a remote chance with any girl. I was not tall (am still the same), lean (imagining 6 or 8 packs), nor handsome and was mediocre in studies. So the chances of matching any of the criteria for a girl to fall for me wasn’t there. But I was definitely talkative. I could speak on anything be it music, sports, religion etc. I just needed a topic to speak on.

The Catholic institution provided me the required impetus to show case my latent talent. I don’t know as to how many of you’ld be aware of something called ‘Bible reading’, but I did that. It is a sort of reading of a certain section of Bible in front of an August gathering at a chruch, and am happy that this was noticed by all.

You must be all wondering how do I even manage to get a chance of have a girl friend lest talk about sex. You are not mistaken completely; I believe at some juncture I had overshadowed to have the 'cool' tag, for I knew it's insane to think about it. And then it just happened.

Right thing always happen at the right moment. Some love guru said once physical desires are very hard to control, and it is understandable that youngsters commit things unknowingly or knowingly. I believe it is a sense of Freedom. We all love freedom at that period, at that age, and when you grow up and suddenly see that 'Mom,I am going out, and will come late" or arriving at 9 in the night are not treated with same nerve or tension as earlier, youngsters feel that they are grown up. You enjoy that freedom.

I have still my parent's favorite, and of course enjoy my mother's love, but there is another love that we identify is that of a girl. When I went out with my first girlfriend, all I remember is that she smelt wonderful; in college parlance,it is just the extra pudding for tiffin. The first Kiss that we shared scaled heights more than Sachin Tendulkar's first century. However, we couldn't get further as her dad, a cop chased with me a lathi.

Years have rolled by and I have grown up (physically only!!!). But I sense that when you realise that how many years you have been running for Sex and Economy, you need to ask yourself, "are both of them interrelated?" and "did I over run myself in the run for same?" The mobile phone starts ringing. Guess, I have couple of miles to run before I sleep.

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