Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When the Kids Smile

You do different things when your loved ones are out of station. One of the things that I regularly practice and end up getting bashed from my friends is the fact that I go in for 'surprise dates and parties'.

You must be wondering how come I end up getting dates if I term them 'surprising'. The reason is I plan it up in such a fashion that the ones going out with me assumes its a surprising but to me is a planned one. Yes, I know I am a cheap guy. But hey, don't we Indians boast being the nation of cheaps? :)

This fine Sunday, when the Scorching sun beamed on my back, I lazily took a glance at my wrist watch. It showed 13:00 hours. My so called friend from Mount Carmel had again decided to be late. I don't blame people. People staying at far off places like Jayanagar, JP Nagar & Banashankari are very unpunctual. :) I know I am for some BIG trouble now.

At that point of time, I saw a couple of kids, aged between 5-8 years playing Cricket. I am not boasting, but I just get a turned on by a girl's songs and Cricket. So here,I decided to play a game of Cricket with these kids. I am a good batsman and an awesome bowler, and a lazy fielder (that can be understood since I stay most of the time in the dormitory of my office).

My roomie, immediately went to the room, took the camera and clicked some pics. I left afterwards only to realise that I had a back pain. Yes, I am getting old, and should stop celebrating birthdays, but that's me :)

Since then, these kids have been pestering me for the snaps. And so, I decided to get them the snaps today. When I gave them snaps, I can't express their happiness. They leapt in the sky and kept on saying "Uncle, thank you, uncle Thank you". I saw a gleam of smile in an old person sitting besides. He said that Son, you made them happy.

As I receded back to my abode, I saw them still jumping with joy. I understood children are innocent and certain acts in life can bring so much of happiness. You really don't need to do something great; just small acts and life would be so wonderful.

I heard someone pressed the door bell. "Uncle, could you get the shuttle cock from that roof?" Well, I am in for some trouble, now. Explain it to them :)

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