Saturday, January 10, 2009

Striking a Conversation at a Party

Times have changed. People have changed their approach. Their lifestyles and norms of living. But a thing that did not change-FLIRT. People still flirt, and for obvious reasons. You can call it by name as you wish to. Socialising is the new name for it, I heard Neha telling me the other day. Suzzane said that guys have lost ways of reciprocating and approaching women. Really!! I beg to differ on this.

Flirting- ok first of all, leave that nagging thing behind. It is not a taboo and people are open to it. But, flirting is not cheap advances. Here, you are going to address someone with a bit of style and of course with their attitude intact.

Don't be someone else. Rule no.1- Be natural, be yourself. Even the greatest love guru's would say this to you. Girls have this amazing nose. They can easily track down the vileness in your character. It is essential hence to be at ease, when you confront the opposite sex for the first time.

Rule no 2- Get the signals. Yo don't need to be a traffic constable for that. At a party, if you tend to like a girl, give her a glance. Look into her eyes, and not somewhere else. If she likes you or has an interest towards you, there will be a flash of a smile crooning somewhere between the lips. Catch it!

Once you caught the smile, it is turn to approach. Be well-groomed and strike a good opening line. Try to check if her glass is empty. If yes, maybe its time you can buy or get her a drink. See the glass is clean. Girls are born hygienic. God knows, why!

Don't rush towards her with that glass. She is a lady and she is to be treated with respect. Walk softly, all the time looking into this eyes, and a smile beaming (not that full). Go near her, take a deep breath and say "oh! I just figured out that the job of a waiter"...she says "what!" and than you cash in with "to never keep beautiful girl's glasses empty".. You may laugh at me now, but it works.

Next confidence. If she finds that you interesting, she will ask you to seat besides her. Now, don't just sit immediately. Thank her first, and ask her what is a beautiful girl like her doing at this moment?

Converse more. Ask about her and see if she reciprocates. If she doesn't, quietly leave. If she does, she will ask about you too. Your job is more easier if you have a good sense of humor. Trust me! having a good humor breaks the ice faster than anything else.

If you are a good dancer, than maybe you can ask her for a dance, but if you are like me, than talk about her interests. From that interests, try to see if you can be good in it.

Once the talk gets over and she checks watch, ask her if you she is waiting for someone and you should leave. The main factor is being polite. Girls love if a guy is polite and shows immense respect to them. If she has another person coming in, she will definitely let you know.

Once you guys have struck a rapport, take the lead-in. Ask her cell no. These days, people ask "do you have an Orkut ID?" Adventurous girl might give you the number straightway. Some girls might like to check you a bit-maybe not their number, but their email ID.

It's polite to ask her if you can drop her home. I don't think, we in India the success ratio is that higher, but nevertheless, you can ask. Don't forget her to text her when you go back home. Tell her you had a wonderful time. If the text comes within 5 minutes, she is on.

Watch out for the next article-"What should you do on Date"...till than happy dating!

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