Saturday, January 03, 2009

Golmaal in 2009 New Year's Party

"Disaster, disaster" yelled both of us. 2009 New Year night party at Bangalore has left me dejected. I am unhappy because this isn't the first time, and am sure it won't be the last.

I won't take the names of people who has made it bad since they are my friends. But if they go through this piece someday, folks: I am really angry with you both, especially on my ex-roomie.

I don't remember the exact situations that led to a brawl. But let me tell you when you are with opposite genders, it is better to be calm and composed in trying situations.

We also saw how cops who find it amusing to get bribed during the normal working hours, interestingly starts beating people post-midnight on New Year's eve.

Hats off to a friend of mine, who got us at his residence safe and sound. He also suggested that while he prepares dinner for me, I should get some rest. After some time, when I realised that there was pin drop silence, I went to the kitchen.

I found no one. I found one of my friends very nearby to the bathroom sleeping, while the other slept on the chair. I had my food in the wee hours of the morning.

Numerous SMSes flooded my cell. I sincerely thank all of you for the best wishes.I also made some calls and scared a few people. My actions have been treated with much anger and one of them have decided to crush me beneath her treadmill :). And that, too with close eyes.

On a serious note, let us also see that we strive to make this messages (peace & prosperity) into concrete plan. Together we need to make a stand to fight against terrorism in any of its form.

It's not just Mumbai. Let us fight to wipe it out from every place on this earth. The baby born on the New Year's eve should breathe in a world of harmony. I pray for it, and hope that we all can celebrate Diwali, Id-ul-zah and Xmas and various festivals together in unison and peace. Are you with me on this?

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