Thursday, May 28, 2009

Champions League 2009

I am dead against late night Champions League matches. It not only makes my habit of staying awake late but routinely upset my stomach. The atmosphere in 2009 European League Football was electrifying.

I have never seen any spectators in the stadium who was less colorful than the other. Be it the red devils’ uniform glittered throughout the stadium or the Barcelona’s amazing dresses. It was great.

The closing ceremony witnessed a spectacle opera tune from the Gladiator and then the drama begins. It was always Christina Ronaldo competing with Lionel Messi. I guess before the start of the match everyone had already predicted the outcome of the match to be 3-0 or 2-1 from Man United, but I had a different view.

Intuition works in some times, and I felt that since Man United were clear favorites Barcelona would have very little pressure. It proved correct. I had predicted my friend Saty 2-1 for Barcelona, and it was 2-0.

Ronaldo missed quite a few chances right from the start, and it seem that Man U will score now and then. They played very supreme football. Owen, Ferdinand got busy and saw Park Suen in action. But it was Barca who scored first.

All through out the match it played the game they are known for pass-pass and pass. Of course, looks ugly in paper but it is this kind of game, which they are not afraid to hide.

The opposition practically knows their limitations, but sometimes you are caught unaware. Maybe Barcelona has this unique ability of scoring where it should be. They got a few chances but they made the most out of it. Eto and Messi demonstrated brilliance in their games.

Messi reminds me of so much of Maradona. Falling and dribling over, yet never losing the ball.

The point is that Man U are a good team, but nobody can deny that Barca are a better team even though you say that Man Utd are better. Surely did Barce get lucky against Chelsea but in the final against Man Utd we saw Barca play at their best and when they do that, it doesn't matter how well the other team plays, they are still going to lose. Everyone keeps saying that something was missing in Man Utd's game but the fact is that Barca never gave them a chance and that is what winners do.

It was a match that I will remember in the years to come, and as my friend said who knows in the next European League Finals, I may just be there to witness it.

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