Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Parting

How should I put this episode? The calm before the storm, I guess.

The boxes have been packed. Each thing that requires attention had been sent across the border. Kumar household bears a disappointed look. 10 long years in this home have made them nostalgic. The chipping of the birds from the terrace, sounded more of a farewell tune to the household.

The family witnessed moments of happiness with the marriage of their two daughters, and the bereavement of the passing of their old grandmom and grandpapa.

"Let's go Anitha,time to leave". Just a sec, mommy. Anitha climbs up to the staircase and in between the racks, searches for a dabba. She takes out the dabba, and in that lies a photo. A photo of a person she loved and she cared. She knew that she won't forget that person anytime, and that person won't her also.

Tears rolled down from her cheeks. "I'll miss you, Deep!!! I'll miss you badly"...Down somewhere in Koramangala, a wreck felt her tears. He knows that he was going to miss and love her more with the progression of time. The radio broadcasted her favorite song.

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