Friday, May 01, 2009

Tips for Office Romances

Office romances have had been happening from ages. I myself found couple of instance where romances have their roots in the office boardroom or cafeteria. These romances are not all appreciated by the management, and here is what I advise folks who are in romance with their office mates:

1. If before Cupid made its mark on you, you were the type who believed in eating solo, not socializing too much with colleagues or leaving office solo, then stick to the same. Don’t ever change your regular routines. You are constantly watched and a little bit of negligence from your side may land you in trouble.

2. Do not use office stationery to send love notes, if it gets into the hands of your manager, you will surely get another note from him or her, which will not have anything to do with love! Do not send email from your official addresses, it can easily be tracked down and the next thing you both will see will probable be the door!

3. The best way to behave would be like complete strangers. Never ever walk in or leave office together. No offering lifts, unless accompanied by a third party.

4. Avoid dining or having lunches if not in a group. You can do this once or twice, but the moment you are seen having lunch together for more than once, you are for some questions and trouble.

5. Never spend much time discussing personal things with her or him at cubicle. If there is a project that makes both of you work together, try to sound as serious you can be.

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