Friday, September 04, 2009

KAMINEY does not Arrest Me!

It can be frantic tired to be in a loop of movie admirers and still have nothing to admire upon. Being realistic is a natural thing for me, and more or less, I am trying to low-down with the hype for the movie KAMINEY.Seriously, there is nothing to go ga-ga over the movie. A Vishal Bharadwaj movie is always awaited with rapt attention, but honestly, it fails to impress me and is far below the stature of class of MAQBOOL and OMKARA.

Shahid Kapoor, a rising star, is in the front headlines of every newspapers these days, and he attempts to do what Ajay Devgun did brilliantly in PRIMAL FEAR remake DEEWANGEE.

Undoubtedly, Shahid spent hours in trying to pick up the hakla na, but then, it does not look realistic at all. There are places where Charlie, the protagonist speaks at a higher pitch, pushes his character to go that extent, but alas! It leaves no impression on me.

It is a dark movie shot at locales, which smells of underworld booh and middle-class lifestyles. The locations impressed me. It was realistic to see a bathroom door of a chawal having a caption “apna haath jaganath”. Priyanka Chopra is good; I found her extremely natural and spontaneous in her dialogue delivery.

Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchies movies have made a strong comeback in this movie. I sense,Vishal took a cue on the darker aspects of the movie from these directors' movies and has tried to portray their darker vision in the movie, only to discover the audience a little amiss.

I am sure, the movie has caught the nationwide attention and critics have loved it, but then I could not relate it much with the story. There were ifs and bits of the stories clubbed together to make this movie.

Whether the junta will be ready to digest and understand such a movie is to be seen, but then these days no one can say what can click in Bollywood. All the best, Vishal!

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