Thursday, February 18, 2010

Advantage BPO Cab Drivers!!!

"Ek Mard ko apni job Main Kya Chaiye?" What is it that a man looks for in his job? Good perks, decent salary and excellent environment to work. Do you think, you can only get that in a software industry and not somewhere else?

Get out of the box for you will be surprised to know that the cab drivers of today are enjoying the most hospitable profession in India.

And, especially Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) drivers of India. To this fact, I could not easily nod my approval, but for the sake of humanity, I decided to do some research on it.

Figuratively, I was left stunned as couple of my friends still working in call centers told me that not only the BPO drivers get excellent salary and perks, but also most of them are darling of the girls.
After my research, these are the few points which makes a BPO' cab driver' profession such a lucrative one:

1)He is surronded by more women than James Bond.

2)If you are in driving in Delhi (NCR), most of the times you may end up in an air-conditioned cab. Apart from using it for your regular routine, you can use it get your family on-board for hawa pani'.

3) He is more likely to get FREE snacks and lunch and dinner at the company. Also, after repeated requests of bhaiya are approved, the behenas will invite them for birthday parties and weekend booze.

4) He can soon write a detective novel featuring the gossips and scandals related to the BPO workers. The only requirement is that he should be a good eavesdropper and a conversationalist.

5) He will be friendly with most of the shops selling pans and cigarettes. The behenas will persuade him to make a quick buck by getting them nicotine. In some cases, he may also act as a druggist too.

6) He can make extra money on the side by picking up other passengers. Beware! if you get in a cab at ITPL or Electronics City in Bangalore, you are more likely to be drugged and robbbed. Yes, in that way, you can soon get into an international racket.

7) His mobile bills are paid by the company.

8) He can poach employees for other competitor' companies and thus becomes a vendor.

9) He becomes punctual and is aware of the terms like GPS, Tracking and so on.

10)He can call himself the Batman and drive on those roads and lanes at speeds that even Michael Schumacher would even fancy!

The BPO Industry in India currently has a staggering count of 50,000 drivers and its growing daily. So, if you are planning to start up a profession, learn to drive and who knows you may soon find yourself in a Kingfisher party with Vijay Mallya.

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