Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vishal Bhardwaj VS Karan Johar

The next time you call me romantic, you have to bite your nails. I am an incorrect choice. I usually end up scoring disastrous notes in romance, and my girlfriend can just pray that God, make him a little romantic. As a result of which I do not advise and practice watching Karan Johar'candyfloss movies. His movies causes me an acute pain, bit like Sinus.

It starts right from the time I hear and watch Switzerland choreographed songs one after one, and gets on higher as I see Shahrukh Khan running after the heroines, usually 3,trying his level best to mimic Dilip Kumar and breaks done as I see all Mummy-ji.

OOf! writing only makes me sad. And, to add on to that, when I find scores of people purchasing tickets to watch the melodramas and coming out in tears, I just can't take it anymore! You have to be in person to understand the pathos.
And then, when all I felt is over in Bollwood in terms of creativity and originality, in comes Vishal Bharwadaj. His movies- Maqbool, Omkara, Maachis, and most recently Ishqiya are hard-hitting dramas with superb starcast, rich in content and style and most importantly, movies have a language which aap or main can co relate. It makes me sit,watch and concentrate on the theme rather than on the costumes and locations.

It has a message and more often than not, it allows you the option to counterattack the theme with your views. For example: would Irfan Khan'character done different in Maqbool had he not listened to Tabu? Would he have killed Pankaj Kapur? The perspective is upto you, and Vishal leaves it us and make a decision.

Yes, but movies are for entertainment and Karan Johar is here to make money out from his movies. He has his distributors who are vying him to take a super-duper starcast and get viewers in the theatres. His best shot is to make movies with romantic actors and who else is better than his partner, Shahrukh.

Both of them understand each other' limitations and strengths, and encash it on their hits. Karan would never try to experiment with SRK in something that he feels he cannot pull it of. Hence, a SRK has to do occasionally do a SWADES, however convincing he may make it sound, it is never a commerical success. Hence, SRK will have to keep in touch with Karan for Johar knows SRK' quotient lies in romantic shades.

If its only for entertainment, then maybe one should start watching movies like The Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Casino, Forrest Gump and so on. Neither of these movies can be labelled as commerical success, but you will be left spellbound watching these movies. I am a fond of Pankaj Kapur and Naseer Bhai' acting. They take a movie to another level, and seriously it works a great deal.

And then the sponsors of film awards- these guys are to be blamed for the current situation. I do not under what basis they adjudicate but seem utterly rubbish to me. My Name is Khan has already been crowned as the best feature film of 2010. How? did you see it? Nope, but it has to be no because it has SRK and Kajol in it.

How does it make other films like Road to Sangam, Teen Pathi and so on? Even if the content and theme are excellent, you can't do anything, because the verdict has been declared.

I just hope we have directors like Leena Yadav, RGV, Madhur B and Vishal B continue coming up with excellent original scripts and create movies which talk a lot. Else, a guy like me will stop watching movies. And huh! Karan one more thing- I know it's all about loving your parents, but it's also about telling the truth.

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