Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Proposal Policy of a Call Center!

Dear readers! wishing you all a colorful Holi!

I was in a senior management role when this incident happened. It is one of those incidents that has found a room in my long-term memory aware of the cause that there is always a joke or two life offers you from nowhere. It is upto one to share that smile with others or to be locally confined. I tend to do the former one for this blog is in some way a medium to get united to a family of mine- you and me.
A batch of new entrants to the XYZ process had just arrived. And, being the operations manager of this giant call center organization, I had been entrusted to the setting up and managing of the team involved in the process. In this team of 15, a most noticeable was Shruti. She would be in the age of 20, tall, fair and an extremely noticeable nose. She had fared exceedingly well in her interviews and her angrezi accent, which came from her mother, was just icing on the cake.

From the first day I had taken a likeness for Shruti. She used to sit at a bay, which was not at a far distance from my cubicle. Since, I had been involved with this product and process for a long time,everyone had to seek my opinion/suggestions/help. Shruti did too.

And, I was more than happy to be her friend. As time went, Shruti and I became very close; we were not colleagues only but true bosom friends.

In those days, it was a ritual for call center units to go for trips to a day or two. Shruti and I too went out on a team trip. Amidst all those playfulness and laughter, I discovered that I was in love with her. One night while returning back from a movie, I proposed her, "Shruti, will you be my girlfriend?" There was a stone of silence. But came the prompt response, "No!".

It ended there, and I didn't quiz her the reason. Times went by and I decided to never ask her again for didn't want the friendship to end. But, the damn heart.You can't befool it.

One fine evening, during one of those breaks, I gave her a bouquet of flowers and proposed her again. This time it was a brisk walk leaving me in front of a gang of Hooters who till this date never ceased to amaze me with their retakes on the incident.

The following day I received a mail from the HR. It read, "you have exceeded your attempts of proposing Shruti. The company policy bars anyone from working in the call center organisation if he/she proposal has been rejected twice. You are suspended with immediate effect."

I remained seated in the Nirmala chair for a period of I-do-not-know-how-long only to be awakened by the coarse tone of the security guard,"chaliye sir."

I still laugh over the incident till this day. It was unfortunate that I didn't get a chance to meet Matrimonial Guruji; I hear that he is a master in providing love solutions. Wonder what he would have done at this situation!

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