Saturday, February 06, 2010

Publicity Gimmick and SRK!

In between the switching of television channels, I manage to view and hear the news headlines, and more often than not the BREAKING NEWS catches me up. In recent times, the Pakistan players disclusion from Indian Premier League, and Bollywood actor, Shahrukh' Khan 'preaching of gospels of brotherhood' in tiding with his latest film, My Name Is Khan.

Obviously, popularly tagged as SRK, his preachings were not taken by an elite group of the society, and as I write flashes of his dimple coated picture are set in flames in certain cities of India.

I am not writing this piece to offer my sympathies to any party- SRK, political parties, Pakistan Cricket team or anyone for that matter, but am trying to understand, why do sometime situations and celebrities means everything to a nation? why do they feature everytime before a film?and, why does a Muslim actor speak and his actions are supported by some more Muslim activists?
Shahrukh is a mass communication grad fella.He speaks eloquently, which even the most of us can only pray. So, when he says that the Pakistani players should have been included in this year' IPL, everyone listens. But, people never questioned about his logic.

Instead, they retorted by asking why on the earth he took five Pakistani players in Kolkata KnightRides in the first IPL. And, certain people requested him to leave India and travel to Pakistan. I am sure, SRK is not a fool to do that, because he knows, he is not allowed to do an event in Pakistan, and staying there, that' not possible.

What I would have appreciated if SRK would have asked the govt. of Pakistan to steep up of the process of taking action against those attacked Mumbai last year. That would have done the world of good. I am sure, he is a celebrity, and people would listen.

IPL is an Indian domestic league competition and its run by people with business-oriented objectives in mind. I do not think, if today the Aussies will be considered for a contention in the IPL games, if uncertainly brews across them. Put yourself in the shoes of business folk, who invests around 150 crores in the game? Pakistan were an uncertainty in the game, and they were avoided. Simple!

It has become a nuisance actually that before the release of any movie the actors and actresses find them in a sleazy mess. It happened this time too. SRK, for sure,does not need publicity stunt like this, but it benefits the entire team of My Name is Khan.

In a recent interview, Mr. Bachchan had said that he had shot 15-20 days for Rann, and rest had been busy promoting the movie. Actors today need media and vice versa, and any publicity like this would create some more business for those people who make movies. And, Shahrukh is also a puppet. The day he does not sell himself, he is out of this market!

I am an Indian, how? just because I was born in a hospital in India of Indian parents? Nope, it is not what identifies me as an Indian. I am an Indian because I was born in a country that has had a rich culture and varied heritage, which I have chose to live within me. Tomorrow, I can migrate to any other country, but it won't nullify the reason that I am an Indian.

SRK preaches time and again that he is an Indian, and I am sure, if time permits, he may get a chance to prove it fully, not be his showcase of a Nasa-returned-Indian, but by his words and his actions. He needs to tell us why should we suck Pakistan' legs, when they have been time and again betrayed us? Untill then, take an advice-keep your mouth shut and carry on with your acting business. Do not take us for fools!

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