Saturday, April 25, 2009

Idly with a touch of Love

The people of Nagesh Apartment in JP Nagar need no reason for celebration. They celebrate for any activity or festivals that one can think of. If Mr. Ghosh has a kid, they celebrate. If Rani passed the board exams, they celebrate,

Quite a special achievement is it,hai na uttered Swaminathan finishing the last bites of Idli. Lakshmi his wife for the last 25 years, seem to remember the idli making him fall for her.

The next day, Swaminathan parents were there at her pedestal asking for Lakshmi’s hands. Lakshmi, now a proud mother of two daughters-Prathiba and Gayatri smiles at the very mention of the past.

There is something more to the Idly story. (Idly is a savory cake. The cakes are made of urad dal (lentils) and rice, which is steam cooked).Lakshmi has over the years been asked by her kids to share the part of her story, but she had a blush. In her 25 years of celebration,Lakshmi had dutifully been a part of Swami’s lives
offering him solace and support in everything.

Today as they stood hands in hand there is hope and expression of faith in both of their lives. Ideally, at this point of time. nothing would have mattered to this family except this awkward situation. For some reasons, known to a few Laksmi's Idlies were not tastier of yesteryear's.

They seem to taste something different. Swami had been reluctant to say this to Lakshmi. He loved her immensely. It has been with them for ages. But now
the love for Idly has taken it over.

In office, lazing with his friends, Idly was a concern for him. If he dare to speak of the situation it might earn him a divorce or apathy from their daughters or wife. Some might even question his love his idly more than his wife. Should he or not express this? Should he just ignore the matter? He was in a dilemma.

The stage was all set. Lakshmi woke up in the morning and ritual wise she prepared Idly for the family. She quietly went to her husband's room and kept those Idlies
in the table.

Swami woke up, took up a bath, wore his mundu and then very rulanctly took the Idly plates. HMMMM!!! the taste of Idly was something different.

But how would you express this to Lakshmi. He somehow manage to get her alone, but didn't how to say it. For some reasons, he was feeling ashamed. How can be he
so selfish? Swami still saw Lakshmi's face smiling-something that's been intact for the last 25 years. Swami could not believe his luck.

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