Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scent of a Woman

This post is in response to Abhijeet' query of asking a lady to dance. Watch this short clip and you will be marveled by the great Al Pacino's sheer class of acting ship. One thing that you need to understand is when you see a girl at a party or nightclub, observe her eyes carefully, instead on her other body parts. That will tell you a women's inner desires.

A woman will NEVER lie with her eyes. All her secrets are stored in there. See, how Al Pacino marvels with a Tango dance in this clip. You will get a good idea of how a guy needs to approach,converse and request a lady for a dance. All with respect! Nowhere in the scene it will look cheap to you.

Do not be afraid Abhijeet, I am sure your girl will love your company; just be good to her. Also, here's wishing all my dear readers a very fantastic Dusherra!

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noyonika said...

Makes quite an impression