Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Experience at # 3 Apartment

Don't end
Your perfect life

"Hello! Anjali" The #3, 22nd Rupert Street of Worli, Mumbai broke a distant sound. No body in the housing complex had much of an idea on #3 household. The family had been a complete stranger to the folks since their occupancy. Inside the apartment lived Mrs. Anjali with her two little dogs. Mr. Kumar had passed away couple of years back in a plan accident; nobody can understand why Anjali never remarried.Anjali is 36 years old. It was an arranged marriage.She grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is quite conservative, quiet and very shy. In many ways, she is the traditional Indian wife. She is a housewife, spends most of her time in housework, knitting, watching Hindi soap operas, and listens to everything what her husband said.

She had the most beautiful dimples and attractive eyes to make any man crazy. Locks of her hair falling on her curvaceous shoulders can redeem a man from his deepest slumber. Yet, why such a beautiful Indian woman of 36 years is has kept her life locked in this apartment. The voice broke Anjali’s thought.

The sentence reiterated--- Anjali, Anjali…it sounded familiar. Anjali is aware of the fact that I’m surrounded by people, but my husband is one of the few that understood me. But the voice that boomed across the telephone sounded so familiar.

It was a voice of authority, familiar and sweet. She had forgotten in ages of someone calling her name in such sweet baritone. Prakash had been dead for long and she was not acquainted with any other voice that had more soothing effect. Ji aap kaun’..Anjali stuttered to answer. There was a momentary silence before the caller’s voice boomed again- I am Raj…your Raj..remember Xavier’s college.

Of course, how could Anjali forget him. Her long lost love. Anjali stands before the mirror, and touches her navel. It has been so long that a male has touched her body. Things keep on coming on her mind. The moments with her husband keeps coming back. Nothing is permanent.

Ah, sometimes it’s a good thing that nothing remains permanent in life! And it’s even better that Anjali' problem was only a state of mind. This situation was a good reminder that the only person that her happiness depends upon is herself. If Anajli just work on changing my thoughts and perception a little, Anjali won’t have to go anywhere or be with anyone to be happy again.

So, Anjali thought of giving herself a kick in the` bum, and jaldi sab thik ho jayega! She took her bags and got out to meet Raj.

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noyonika said...

Beautiful! you understand a woman like any other man could. Great stuff! you are famous.