Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been kicking this stone with my feet for a while. And though, I do not belong to the class of NERD-YANA, I am little disturbed that it is not going towards the intended direction. I am so lost in my thoughts that I have failed to notice a big black Honda Ford hitting my bums.

I am of course in the streets of Pondycherry, and though they are hardly any faces, which can scream "oh! my God! that is Raj!" I am actually thinking about my people.Life has always been an interesting ride for me. Since my schooling days, I have always been in pursuit of things that have an appeal. I do not like mundane things. I still remember in class 7,there was this beautiful and hot babe called Sakshi. Everyone wanted to go on with a date with her.

I was in fierce competition as there were seriously some hunks riding in the isle. I had lost any interest for her. But then when I came to know of her interest for me, I was why me? though in my heart, I wanted to date her. Honestly, she could not believe when I turned down to go out with her.

My family is very special and I owe a lot to them for whatever I am today. But then some of my special ones forget it. They have completely forgotten what parents are all about. A small meager of financial amount will not and never buy my parents happiness. Respect is what they crib for and would my special ones understand their folly before its too late.

My life has been interesting and quite unpredictable. And as I pen this blog piece on my Nokia Blackberry device, I view a ship on the distant waters. Slowly, its invisible. I hope I burn out soon before I fade away slowly.

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