Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autobiography of a Navel

Identifying one's assets at a primal age is important. Navi understood that at an early age. She knew that I am special. I am special for she is within me, and she cannot hate me for that. Initially, she did not like me that much.

I was small and candid, and she was shy. She allowed her mommy to touch me, and I used to hate that. Why does not she touch me? Why does she not understand that navel is where my heart lies? And, then Jagannath came into her life.

Jaganath is Navi's boyfriend. They have been dating for sometime now, and in course of the love making Jagan shivered with each time the wetness of her navel touched his naked flesh. And of course, in the wildness of compassion, Jagan flashed that poppy question "Navi darling, navel pierce kar lo naa".....

And then, Navi got a navel piercing..matlab she pierced me...ah! how I got wounded. But, I feel it always arroused the question : How to care for a Navel Piercing. So, here is Jagan, acting as doctor caring Navi's navel

**Do not wear tight clothing, tights or pantyhose while your navel piercing is healing, as that may irritate your wound. Try to wear soft fabrics and avoid wearing jeans or any other restricting pants if possible.

**Stay away from peroxide or rubbing alcohol when choosing products to clean your navel piercing.

**Do your best not to sleep in a position that puts pressure on your navel piercing and try to sleep with your head propped up above the level of your heart to promote circulation and prevent swelling of the pierced area.

**Avoid strenuous physical activity, especially sports that involve physical contact, to best care for your navel piercing.

And one thing more, seems like take good care of me girls. Most of the Capricorn guys' heart lies within me. What say, Jaganathan?

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