Friday, October 09, 2009

You know Rachu....

1) When there is a calm breeze flowing, and you are left doing nothing but to wait for a sudden storm.
2) When you are done complimenting her, but still she is expecting more and more.
3) When you are done with the main course of your lunch, and you need a desert.

4) When she looks into this eyes and says "I know what you did last summer!".
5) When she is inconsolable and you know you are going to face a real tough time now.
6) When she makes those simple moments into precious occasions.Trust me! she has made my infinite moments special.
7) When she chooses to dream and make you dream too.
That's my special guidya!


nafisa said...

very cute..who is this Rachu???! beautiful write-up

Rachita said...
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