Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When you get your Girfriend ...

Never allow your girl to see your wardrobe. A guy’s wardrobe is not more precious than the Swiss bank.It is so filled up with dirt and shits,and a very bad impression will be created.

Keep your room clean and tidy. See it is very tough for guys to arrange the clothes properly. So have a lot of time at hand before you call her up.
The kitchen is the most unlikely place that a girl would like to visit on the first day. But then when she keeps on repeatedly visiting your place, she will land up there occasionally. I think for some obvious reasons, a girl appreciates immensely if she checks out her boyfriend is a good cook. But, a good cook keeps his kitchen clean.

Make sure the sink is neat, no grains of food lying here and there, spoons and plates in proper place. Important thing..keep a nice mug with the tea bags, sugar nearby. Do not search for the stuffs when she is in the house. It makes a bad impression. 9 out of 10 girls will tell this to her friends, so make this visit more sweet.

Get your laptop a new screensaver; have her snapshot as a screensaver. She will just love it.

Please have lots of scented candles in the room. Your bedroom should have dimlights. Run some light music.

If you guys are going to do something special, (ofcourse, I will not share how to do it. Someone suggested that I am a boring guy) as a boy, get the protection near at hand. You do not want to be in the middle of the things, scream and start searching for it.

Manners, Manners and Manners first. Do not ever force her for anything. Just because she has come to your place does not mean that she wishes to make out.Give her sometime. If you are smart enough, you will get the right signal.

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