Friday, October 02, 2009

Things NOT to do after a Break Up

"Capricorns are the most devoted and loyal lovers..."

Alright, so you had a recent break up, and you are feeling miserable about it. You think your whole world has quashed, and there is nothing, really nothing in this world that can make you cheer up again. In a nutshell, you feel that your world has come to an end. But, trust me it is not. It has just begun. You may not heed to any of my advices now, but in future, it will be of some help. Just hear me, huh!I have some statistics that says almost 80 percent of folks specially teenagers find it difficult to recuperate from their first break up. But, interestingly, it also said that they get their loved ones no sooner, and they can come out of it easily.

It also mentions, that teenagers have a tendency of getting physical out of the first love, and then when realization sunks in, there is the 'guilt' cringing in. I believe, first love is special but in no way, it should end your life. I mean it should not stop you from moving on.

Now, I am have been writing this blog for so long, and in my life I occasionally meet people with varied tastes. Now, today I met Nitasha, a beautiful teenager doing her grads in Psychology from Jyothi Nivas college. I met her in Coffee Day near Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore. She invited me for a coffee and to discuss on 'what she should NOT do post break-up??'.

Here is what I suggest:

1. First and foremost, Never resort to alcohol or drugs. Drinking will never solve your problem and is only a waste of time. Alcohol and drugs will only lead you to making irrational decisions and consequently get you more problems.

2. Think about your FAMILY. It is very tough for anyone to think about their families when they undergo a break up in relationships. And, if a family in which a girl's opinion is never taken into consideration, then it is improbable that she will talk to her family. But then all said and done,do you have the balls to go against your family and carry on with the relationships.
It is wonderful to see Bollywood movies, where a guy and girl meet, romances under trees and elopes to live happily. But, in real life when you are 18 or 19, trust me do not ever think about it also.There is nothing better in the world than your parents' blessings.

3. Get Busy. It will be difficult for you to concentrate on anything and you may get involve in brawls and arguments as such. People, who have no clue about your matter will identify you as a loner and arrogant person. You will lose friends. It is important hence, to avoid hasty confrontations. Read books and lots of books.

4. Avoid visiting places which keeps on reminding about your loved ones. You have to slowly erase their thoughts. It is difficult but manageable.

5. God brought you to this world and so he had a definite purpose. You also have a purpose in life- to become something and make your parents proud. Work towards your goal.

6. Have a table and identify two good decisions and two wrong decisions that you took in last month. I guess or am rather sure, you have taken the right decision.

In conclusion, I recollect my personal experience-When someone leaves you, the worst thing you can do is ask yourself why. Because as soon as you know the answer to that question, you’ll just replace that question with another one—and no one should have that much power over you.

At some point, you have to let it go, and realize that you can’t make someone want to be with you. Either they do, or they don’t. Now if they do, then great; but if they don’t, then move on and believe that God has something better for you. You can trust a Capricorn guy like me on that as some special lady friend told me once "Capricorns are the most devoted and loyal lovers..." So, take my advice. Have a fantastic weekend!

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