Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wake up Sid

The last four days have been quite unusual. Aap sochenege what is 'unusual'? Honestly, a few people who know me quite a deal, are aware that I am always in an 'action' mode. Bas, click on your camera, and I am ready to roll. But, the last four days were not much 'action' oriented.

I spent nearly sleeping and sleeping. In between, I cooked a great deal ranging from Chicken Biriyani to Puliogare. That's not enough. I managed to invite friends for lunch too. And of course, I was with my special lady on sms', and each moment was special.
I am sitting now in McDonald restaurant in Brigade road. I am just back from watching Ranbir-Konkona starrer WAKE UP SID. Na! I am not sad; I am happy for two big reasons. Firstly, my ticket was sponsored by my friend. And, secondly, I could see my life in theaters.

I was not that ambitious in life, but I wanted to be something...something creative, something thrilling and of course being a writer. Sid is not aimless in life, he is just enjoying every moment of life. He likes his friends a lot and can do anything for them. But he does not want to grow up. I am sure, I never wanted too. I also like to be pampered as a baby. Ask any lady friend of mine.
Konkona is such a natural performer that when you watch her, you feel you are seeing life. She beautifully narrates 'aaj ki naari'. Today's girls are independent. They wish to do their own stuffs themselves. They expect their ambitious spirit to be motivated and not down upon.
WAKE UP SID did not bore me. Karan Johar kept it simple and fresh. You will see traces of Lakshya and DIL CHAHTA HAI, but then he has not dragged it much. He showed how a simple, aimless guy wants to do something on his own, and not get dragged by his dad's riches.

My food has arrived. Go and watch this movie!Ayan Mukherjee, being a Bengali you did me proud dude!

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