Monday, October 19, 2009

Come back with an Answer!

Sitting outside the doctor's cabin, Anmol was finding it tough to acknowledge what she was meant to be doing. "Come back with an answer" is what Dr Asma had told her in last visit. She has an answer now but she is not sure that if it would cater to a correct decision. There is a huge gap between correct decision and a decision.
The needs of an ever growing baby inside Anmol' belly seems to be no body's concern, but she had a motive behind the same. To bring this baby into this world and to show him/her happiness meant that there was a purpose in her existence.

A nullified expression of hope added to her sublime surprise made it difficult. That she was going to be a single mom,whose husband had deserted her was a case. For a moment, the society seem to be an ignored task for her.

She didn't know how to raise this kid coming into the world. A chance of lifetime need not results to a growth of love. To care for her and to do her upbringing in the society was a serious issue but done to the same to compensate for the loss and then the idea of love was losing out.

She tried smiling at bliss but it was meant to be a smile, that could spread only if she could bring this baby to the world.

"Yes, I want to have the baby", Anmol looked into the doctor's eyes as she reiterated her statement. Dr. Asma pressed and gave her compassionate embrace. Why is that every girl has a same story to tell? The sun in the horizon was setting itself for an early set. It may be just the perfect end for a beginning.

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