Saturday, April 04, 2009

What the hell is the IT City Upto!!!

8 long years. Yes! 8 long years in the Garden city of India. I don't feel any more alien in Bangalore. The language Kannada isn't much of a botheration to me. I can understand it with no issues, and can give a bit or two to the authorickshawallas in their languages. The food has never been an issue. And, friends! I have more South Indian friends than Bengalis. Well BEN- GAALI isn't a gali dude!

But I am have been touch disappointed from the last few months on the Bangalore Municipal Administration. Na, I am not disappointed with the real estate or why I am looked as a stranger in the city, but on the Brand name 'IT City'. The Information Technology city of India looms in dark pale of shadow. I stay in a posh residential locality of Koramangala, and believe it or not get just 18 hours of electricity every day.

Early morning and there is no power. The fans are not moving and its sweaty time. And, then sit for a lunch or dinner with candles. How disturbing it feels. In disgust, I leave the house. Oh! some chill though. But right next to my house is a billboard with Deepika Paudoke giving a gleeful smile. I wonder if she understand the pathos I go through. There is pollution everywhere. IT City, my foot

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N i t h i n said...

Welcome to India! Planned interruptions allow to safely carrying out essential maintenance and improvements to our society. Be the part of change! and hope for the best. :)
Here everything we do/granted are (mostly) dependent with many other things—people/departments/public orgs./govt..etc. They, why do you think that your "IT City" should be exempted?