Monday, April 13, 2009

To Question Her Virginity

“Tell me Ashish,that I slept with another man the cause for the drift between us?” Joanna has been honest. Her eyes are motionless now. She is trying to notice the tension in Ashish’s face. He seems pale to hear about the news.

Unexpected tension added to his squatness cannot hide his grief. Is it the anger that is causing him to behave the way he is doing or is it the love that grew for her internally? Ashish feels like throwing up. He wants to leave.

The early morning flight from US had a late arrival to the Bengaluru International Airport. Ashish had been to US for nearly a year now. He is engaged to Joanna for sometime now. He met Joanna in a college fest of Jyothi Nivas College, and immediately sparks flied.

Joanna, a cheruby Malaylee from the district of Kottayam had been the center of attention for most of the teenyboppers, who keep on swerving their bikes near JNC. She is a beautiful damsel with wonderful long hairs, nice complexions and a poky nose to go by. That! she had extremely red lips were an icing on the cake. But, we will discuss them sometime in the future.

At first Joanna had no feelings for Ashish, but then his writings and poetry moved her. She seems to fall for him unknowingly. Though she addressed this issue to him earlier citing if no-commitment she started to fall for him. Times flied and things moved.

Ashish and Joanna had been a couple for sometime. Joanna is an excellent cook and ashish never minds her doing the household chores. But there was an area where both had varied opinions. Ashish complained that Joanna lacked the urge for sex and hence she never went to bed with him.

While Joanna denied it. She felt that losing virginity is not that of a big issue but losing it to a someone and an occasion is completely her choice. She needs to decide when and how and that is nothing to do with love.

"Yes, I have slept with Sid. Moreover, it has nothing to do with him being my manager.I am still contemplating if its your choice why it needs to be your choice and why you should question me on this. Have I ever asked you Ashish how many girls have slept around with in US? That! You had an Orkut profile and had in past two relationships isn’t much of a botheration, but to you it is? I don’t think I need to answer you but for your sake of benefit, Sid understands me."

"When you were not there and I was trying to reach you, Sid helped me. He comforted me when I took to alcohol. You were not there and you have been too busy." Ashish looked infuriated and tried to reason. "But, you know I had been busy. It wasn’t possible for me to be there. But, anyway it doesn’t mean that my love for has become lesser now, and you should go and sleep around with someone."

“Ah! So you mean to say by putting an engagement ring on my fingers, you can continually sleep with other girls. That I am a bonded labor of yours and every decision of mine has to be approve by you. Why? I kept preserved myself for you Ashish. Yes, I am an Indian girl, and its pity that the society bars women from speaking on topics that mars a difference."

Joanna continued: "Women are supposed to be a subjects of exploit for man right. You know what! If I had slept with you earlier, would your views for me changed? I am sure any girl who sleeps prior to her marriage is bad for you, isn’t? but, you want sex. You want commitment. You want a wife who waits for her husband to come from office, make his food and then warm him up in the bed, isn’t? I feel pity for you cause you are insecure and have no trust on me. Are you hurt that someone else enjoyed this flesh prior to you? What! Speak up you animal.”

Ashish contemplates for a moment. He wanted to speak but he was speechless. Everything Joanna said was true. It was true that he has been seeing someone keeping Joanna unaware. He had the wish to sleep with a blond and he did it in US. But, why is he then angry? Ashish shudders for a moment, but he cannot stop for a moment to say “B****”.

"Yes, I am now for you." A tear rolls down from Joanna’s eyes, but she swiped it away from the cheek immediately. She laughed at Ashish and threw the ring at his face. As she recedes, she looked back at Ashish and uttered “This bitch did the first right thing today..loser”…she walks away. The clouds were hovering around the sky. It was going to rain. Ashish screamed "Taxi, Taxi". It had started raining. The rain water seemed to take the ring near to the drains.

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