Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Love with Biology

Professor Subramaniam hold a special place for the boys of First Semester of Computer Science of Junior Baptiste College. At any day his visionary and skills of human behavior were astounding. He was a gold medalist right from the word 'go'.

He was a Biology professor, someone who knew and understand what emotions of the plants were. He is what the great JC Bose was to India. But then what were the Computer Science students doing with a Professor of Biology?

It had a long story, but to cut it short Professor Subramaniam apart from boasting as the best teacher in the whole arena had a beautiful Mallu daughter called Payal.

No words could ever describe Payal. She is what any youngster girl in his first year of Engineering can be- hot, hot and hot. But, Payal didn't just boast of having a supreme figure of 36-28-28. She was the reigning diva of essence. Something spritual about here. Something classy. You know when you see her in typical Mumbai accent, you shudder to say "bole to Veeru, Shaadi karne laike baap".

But,Payal wasn't approachable. Like any first semester student of Engineering colleges, boys are never short of scanning very quickly of a girl. Typically, we find out if she was single or not. If she wasn't, maybe hire some goondas to beat that guy. Na, just kidding.

So, after a lot of research where we took pains of bunking college classes, nights
and days, shoots and offshoots in the bars, tricks and misleads, confusions and deamonors, things worked out finally.

Out came Gopi with an idea. Gopi is a friend of ours who works now for a major MNC at Bangalore delivering homemakers in US tips and tricks on troubleshooting issues of computer.Computer Science grads now expects to take Biology classes. Cause--Professor Subramanian's daughter, Payal. "Macha, let's take Biology tutions da". Tutions was it then.

At an early chilly morning, we assembled in Jayanagar 4th block,very near to the COOL JOINT. Everyone of us dreamt of taking Payal to the Cool Joint and taste the sandwiches over there.

I dreamt of something else. Na, Dosa Point would be better. Anyway, we got into the tution classes candid of the fact that Payal would be coming out in anytime, and we will then go out and propose her. How stupid of us!

Professor Subramaniam was an eccentric person. He never understood what the class was upto. He used to give us a big lecture and we used to take notes. But how long was this going to happen. And then fine day I could not take it more.

So, I walked in to Professor's house and asked for a glass of water. With hope in my heart and desire in my lips, I saw a vision not more than 5'5 inch tall walking. There she is Payal, with a glass made of Hallmark comes across to me.

Quietly she comes up and when she passed the glass, looked to me and whispered, "well- played Mr. Raj..I never knew Computer Grads like Biology." There was a gigling soon after which was too embrassing for me.

I walked out of the class and never set foot again in Professor' house. When we saw each other the next time, she elbowed her friends to me. And they laughed. God, Biology was never fun thereafter!


Ameena said...
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Ameena said...

oh so sweeeeeeeeettttttttttt :) so where is Payal now? Man! she must have dated you, if that guy was you..

Nusrat said...

I know you can live without religion or meditation, but would collapse without admiration.

Ab shayad aapke kano mai sirf Payal ki jhankar hogi :)