Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Potato falls for a Tomato

It has been quite an unusual day in the market. This market that I am referring here is an quite upheaval market of Madiwala. Located near to a shopping mall TOTAL the market bear quite a history of Bangalore heritage.

In comes a truck sackful of vegetables. Kantamma, tucked her saree nicely, and went ahead to mount the sackful of vegetables. Along with the cauliflowers, ladyfingers, carrots, brinjals, there were tomatoes and potatoes. Kantamma lays the sackful of vegetables and goes ahead to pay the vendor.

"Hey! long time, how are your brothers doing?" asks the potato. A bit of flirty attitude. The tomato has known for ages this behavior of potato. She tries hard in refraining from making any eye contact with him. At this point, by her ill luck there is a disgruntled rush of brinjals over them. The potato falls over the cute face of tomato, and pinches her cheek.

"Ridiculous! she utters. Don't you have manners?" The potato busted into a laughter as the face of the tomato flashed in red. The potato still kept on pinging her. "Hey! we can roll her for a while before we are made into an aloo ke chutney."

This was getting improbable for the tomato had not it been Miss Joanna's touch. She looked at the tomato pretty well and asked Kantamma to put that in bag. The potato looked pale.
The tomato seems to have the last laugh with the MTV Spiltsvilla 2 Queen, Joanna. Boy! talk about falling in arms.

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