Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Time to Cast Votes Online

No, for the hundredth time, I won't be able to cast my vote for the upcoming Assembly elections. How can I? I am put up in Bangalore and have to travel across to Bengal to cast my votes. I don't think its feasible. But, I would love to cast my vote. Specifically, because every vote is important.

We chose the leaders and it is a wonderful thought. So what if my votes hardly count? So what if I see every scum politician making crores and storing it in Swiss bank. I have the democratic right to exercise my powers, and if these politicians fail to do their duties, God alone can be the judge.

I want an online poll format. For us, who are far off to a distant land earning our livelihood, an online poll helps us. A site monitored and managed by the Election Commission of India can organize and conduct the polls online. Every online users gets a username and password for the 'Ballot'. Username can be the voters ID. Trust me, it will enable hundreds of NRIs and Indian citizens who cannot make it to the polls for distance.

Disadvantages may be few such as technological mishap and co-ordination. But, no system is proper without any trials. Let's give it a green signal. Anyway are you listening? Yes, that 5-year old kid what do you think about this idea?

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